Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Council Tax Reductions (Council Tax Support)

Council Tax Reductions have taken over from the Council Tax benefit which were abolished in April 2013. These reductions are now run by each local council so qualifying conditions and exemptions will be different in each area and may not be the same as the previous benefit.

To be eligible you must either be on a low income or claiming benefits. You can either own the property or rent it.

The support you may receive will depend on factors such as:

·         Where you live
·         Your circumstances (e.g. income and number of children)
·         Your total household income
·         If your children live with you
·         If other adults live with you

A Discretionary Discount Scheme could be run by your local council to help with individuals in severe financial hardship but there is typically very limited funding in this area.

Individuals living alone will automatically receive a 25% discount in council tax as the rates are calculated under the assumption that 2 adults live in the property. Various types of individuals don’t qualify as adults, please follow the link to find out who may be able to receive this deduction.

Properties which are lived in solely by students are exempt from council tax.

Empty or unfurnished homes and properties that aren’t your main residence may also qualify for a discount.

Reduction in Council Tax for Disabled Persons

Reductions are available to individuals who are disabled or live with a person with a disability who require extra room in the property to meet their needs arising from a disability. This could also mean an extra bathroom or kitchen, or just extra space.

These discounts are designed to ensure that disabled people don’t pay more tax on account of space needed because of a disability.

Typically the discount will involve moving to the next cheapest council tax band. I.E. an individual living in a Band C property with a disability will have to pay at the Band B rate instead.

People who are severely mentally impaired and some live-in carers are exempt when working out council tax.

Visit your local Council’s website for more information and details on how to apply.

Hinckley & Bosworth District Council

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